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What Is The Cost?

This is one of the first questions asked when potential candidates contact RiderTraining, and rightly so! Depending on the particular course that your enquiry relates to, we will talk through the costing of the course & explain why there are varying prices between us and other training schools.

Why Is Another School Cheaper?

This is usually because you will not be trained by a fully qualified DVSA instructor but a 'down-trained' instructor (one who is in training themselves) and should be assessed and closely monitored by the school!

What Do You Supply?

• Clean riding equipment & Up to date motorcycles, maintained to the highest standards.

Some schools are still well behind with there equipment, poor quality radios, old helmets and clothing machines! At Ridertraining we are investing all the time in our up to date equipment.

At Ridertraining you will trained and supervised by fully-qualified D.V.S.A Driving Vehicle Standards Agency motorcycle instructors Who are check tested to the highest standards by the DVSA.

We also keep ourselves up to date with the latest teaching methods to help pass on to our candidates. On top of these qualifications, RiderTraining North West's owner Kevin holds the prestigious "Master Rider with Distinction" award from the I.A.M (Institute of Advanced Motorists) We have a wealth of knowledge from many years of motorcycling for our own enjoyment and are passionate about biking in all areas.

So hopefully you can see why there are some differences in our pricing compared to other riding schools. Give us a call today to book your rider training!

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Rider Training North West provides excellent CBT Training for candidates in Southport, Ormskirk, Formby, Leyland, Liverpool, Preston, Merseyside, Lancashire and throughout the Northwest.

CBT is a legal requirement for anyone wishing to ride a 50cc,and over. and all provisional licence holders. For licence holders of a full licence issued after February 2001, a CBT will validate your full moped entitlement.

CBT is an introduction to motorcycling this can be done on its own or part of a full licence course.

You have to be 16 years and over and hold a provisional licence.

Your CBT training will begin in an off road stress free environment, your day will start with an eyesight check ( if you normally wear glasses or contact lenses bring them with you) we will ask you to read a number plate at the distance of 66 feet or 20 metres.

The day will then cover:

  • Element A/ introduction
  • Element B/ Practical on-site training
  • Element C/ Practical on site ride
  • Element D/ Safety talk
  • Element E/ Practical on road training

This includes learning the basics of machine control, pulling away, changing gear, signalling, manoeuvring and stopping safely, once you are confident and have reached a safe standard your instructor will take you on a road ride. If you feel or we feel that you have not reached a safe standard we will invite you back for another appointment.

If you accomplish all the safety standards necessary we will issue with your CBT certificate that will entitle you to ride solo with an L plate, this certificate will last for two years, after that time you will have to complete the course again to carry on riding a 125cc bike, that is if you have not decided to obtain a full licence (age permitting)

A DL 196 (CBT) Certificate validating full moped (a 50cc motorcycle with a top speed of 31mph) entitlement on a full licence is not subject to expiry.


If you are not sure we can do an hour one to one course for you to see what bike or just to” dip your toe in” to see if this is for you! Remember at any point if not you sure just give us a ring and we will go through any questions that you may have.

What you need to bring with you:

  • Licence both parts if old style bring your passport
  • Glasses or contact lenses if they are normally worn
  • Long legged trousers, Jeans or a heavy weight material, decent foot wear, if possible ones that cover your ankles
  • Something to eat and drink, although we have a cafe on site if you need to purchase any

What we supply:

  • Fully qualified DSA instructor ( who is very patient and has over 35 years of motorcycling experience and not to forget to mention he has a good sense of humour ! he sometimes has to LOL)
  • Motorcycle jacket, gloves and helmet to suite most sizes, waterproof high visibility over pants and over vest
  • Motorcycles to suite, 50cc scooter to 125 geared motorcycle for the CBT course
  • Quality radios for communication when riding

It all may sound difficult but remember this is an assessment not a test or exam and should be enjoyed. We have a varied pricing structure that can include if needed a one to one instruction that can be carried over two days. For those people that may need a little more time and attention.


Rider Training Courses


CBT 1 Day Course Comprehensive Training - Done In A Day! Find Out More>


CBT+ For Riders Who Might Need A Little More Time.


A Licence Get the A Licence to ride any cc or size of bike    Find Out More>


A1 Licence Remove your L plates and carry pillions with the A1 Licence    Find Out More>


A2 Licence Learn to ride up to a medium sized motorcycle with the A2 Licence
Find Out More>

We can also instruct and advise on larger motorcycle tests.

Please Note: Cancellation Charges

We Require 7 Clear Working Days To Change Bookings. Deposits or Payments Are None Returnable